RW-11 is hybrid UAV between fixed wing airplane and multi-copter, able to take off and landing (VTOL) vertically like a quadcopter and transition to efficient and fast forward flight like fixed wing UAV. RW-11 combines the advantages from fixed wing, such as high speed, long endurance and distance, as well as VTOL features from multi-copters. RW-11 requires no special launch equipment and do not require runways for launch or landing. Transition to fixed wing flight and VTOL are fully autonomous controlled through autopilot system. RW-11 is widely applied for aerial mapping, aerial surveying, agriculture and inspection under extreme terrain, such as between mountain areas, hills, forestry and buildings, which would be ideal choice for professional and industrial aerial UAS service.

Product parameter

  • High integration aerial mapping system
  • Light weight with takeoff weight less than 7kg
  • Backpack design for individual operation
  • Wingtip design for the optimized aerodynamic configuration
  • Modular design for the easy assembly and disassembly in 2 minutes
  • Vertical takeoff and landing requires no runway
  • RTK/PPK GPS module for precision accuracy
  • Fully autonomous flight controlled through professional flight control and GCS system from UESTCRADAR