RW-31 is twin-boom V-taiI hybrid (battery&gasoline) VTOL fixed wing UAV platform, specifically designed for small/medium-areas flight mission.

Long endurance, high speed, large payload, stable structure and high reliability, RW-31 allows for large-area missions that requires high-efficiency and stability. Especially applied for project less than 150 square kilometers.

Optional payload choices for RW-31, including    interchangeable lens camera, LiDAR system, Phase­ One aerial camera, oblique camera system, gimbal system and hyperspectral camera, which could be applied to more industries.

Packed Size: 1500*900*700mm;

Disassemble quickly into 9 parts with 10 minutes;

Tool kit is provided, only a screw-driver can work out.

Product parameter

  • High integration aerial mapping system
  • Light weight with takeoff weight less than 7kg
  • Backpack design for individual operation
  • Wingtip design for the optimized aerodynamic configuration
  • Modular design for the easy assembly and disassembly in 2 minutes
  • Vertical takeoff and landing requires no runway
  • RTK/PPK GPS module for precision accuracy
  • Fully autonomous flight controlled through professional flight control and GCS system from UESTCRADAR

Technical Specifications

Items Parameters
Maximum take-off weight 34Kg
Max payload 3~6Kg
Cruise speed/Max 100km/h, 130km/h
VTOL power Electrical machinery
Level flight power Gasoline engine
Starting mode Electrical starting
Tank size/ Max endurance 8L/6H
Wingspan/ fuselage 4.0m/2.1m
Ceiling 5500m
Highest take-off altitude 4000m
Environment temperature -20℃~50℃
Vertical positioning accuracy 3cm
Horizontal positioning accuracy 1cm+1ppm
Take-off and landing mode Vertical take-off and landing
Rain resistance Light rain (rainfall ≤10mm/24h)
Wind loading rating Level 6
Control distance 50km

RW-31 Oblique Aerial Camera System

RW-31 Oblique aerial camera system takes photography from different point view, the images processing software process the imaging data to create the 3D mapping model

CMOS Size 35.9x24.0mm(Full Frame)
Pixel 180MP
Lens 35mm(Orthophotography), 50mm(Oblique)