High Payload Capability

Up to 20kg payload capability , integrated the Phase  one 100MP professional aerial camera, POS system,  IMU , EO/ IR stabilized gimbal and live video link  into one complete system

RW-101 Sensors

Technical Specifications

Type Dual EO/IR Gimbal Visible light format 1080P 30 frames
Light of sight ≤50μrad Electric Optical Sensor 30 times optical zoom
Angular position Accuracy ≤0.1° Infrared light format 640X512
Azimuth 360°X n Infrared light Lens Uncooled
Elevation -120°~+90° Spectral bandwidth 8~12μm
Max. angular velocity ≥90°/s Working Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Max. angular accelerated velocity ≥90°/s Storage Temperature -55℃~+70℃
Range 100km Downlink Telemetry Speed≥12.8kbps
Uplink Transmit Power ≥36dBm Transmission Speed 4Mbps
Uplink Telemetry Speed ≥25.6kbps Equipment Power +28V DC Airborne power ≤50W
Pixel 11608×8708 ISO 4~22
Focus 50mm Storage 512GB
动态范围 >72dB Power 28V DC(18V~30V)
Resolution GSD=0.1m@Altitude 1000m POS Port RS422/RS232
Cover Width 1H(H- Height) Working Temperature -25℃~55℃
Shutter Speed 1/1600s POS Accuracy H: 0.05m,V: 0.05m,Pith :0.015°, Roll :0.015°,Heading : 0.08°
Spacing Time 1.25s    
Stabilization Range Roll/Pitch:-10°~+10° Heading:-30°~+30° Port Command:RS232 POS Port:RS422
Stabilized Accuracy V:0.05° H:0.08° Power <30W
Azimuth Trajectory /Heading Weight 3 kg
IMC-image motion compensation YES Working Temperature -25℃~55℃
DC 28V DC(18V~30V) Payload ≤6kg