RD808 security and surveillance radar

The RD808 series radar is phase-coherent continuous wave system radar used to detect, monitor, track and measure the ground's moving targets. The moving object may be humans and vehicles. The motion information of these targets is transmitted and reported to the monitoring center according to the specified format, so as to grasp the real-time related information of the moving target of the monitoring area at any time. The data interface supports communication with existing monitoring systems to guide the EO/IR or thermal camera.

The radar applies digital synthesis technology to extract the orientation of the target by echoing the different reflected objects. The MMIC circuit design makes system reliable. It has been proven that the product can withstand harsh environments and is maintenance-free. Its built-in filter can effectively suppress false alarm under rain and snow.

  • Characteristics
  • Small volume, light weight
  • Moving target detection
  • Multi-Radar networking
  • Flexible networking: 90°/180°/270°/360°
  • 7*24H Operation
  • Airport security, area protection
  • Application
  • Property protection
  • Border monitoring
  • Boundary monitoring
  • Prison monitoring
  • Oil pipeline and oil filed protection
  • Compatible with the existing security video system


Performance Parameters
System Attribute  
Type FMCW/Doppler
Frequency Range X Band, 9.5-9.7GHz
Transmitting Power(typical)  1W
Target Detection  
Max. Distance 1500m
Moving Human (RCS 1.0m2) 800m
Moving Vehicle(RCS 30.0m2) 1200m
Min. Detectable Radial Velocity 0.25m/s 
Max. Detectable Target Qty. 40
Detection Angle 90°(180°270°360° Optional)
Detection Velocity 90°/0.25s
RF Beam width(H) 90 °
RF Beam width(V)
Pitching Range Mechanical Adjustable
Detection Accuracy  
Velocity Accuracy 0.125m/s
Distance Accuracy 5m
Directional Accuracy ±2°
Interface  10/100 Ethernet
Software Equipped with DEMO test software and communication protocol
Data Update 0.5s
Power Supply 10-30VDC
Power Consumption 25 W (Average)
Physics, environment, and reliability
Overall Size 320mm(L) 60mm(W)250 mm(H)
Weight 3kg
Working Temperature -40 °C to +50 °C
Protection Grade IP65
MTBF 60000