Portable Radio Signal On-site Analysis & Assessment Equipment

The portable radio signal on-site analysis & assessment equipment is a new-generation portable radio signal analysis product, covering a wide frequency range of 20MHz~6GHz. The product is in the form of special-purpose tablet PC, integrated with monitoring, direction finding, data processing, network connection and data communication. The equipment is light in weight and suitable for carrying and operating by individual. The product can be powered by batteries or mains supply.

The product can extract the frequency, bandwidth, power and other parameters of a signal, and complete risk assessment and automatic report generation for the signal through database matching analysis and threat level assessment. It can be used to find abnormal radio signals like transmission eavesdropping and snooping, monitor electromagnetic environment of important places, identify frequencies used by electronic equipment, etc.

Main functions

  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Full-band electromagnetic environment monitoring: to realize full-band electromagnetic signal monitoring of 20MHz~6GHz.
  • Analysis of signals in key bands: to analyze bands interested by users according to user settings.
  • Comparison and analysis of environmental background signals: to store environmental background signals, compare and analyze them with real-time signals, and find abnormal signals.
  • Signal assessment
  • Electromagnetic signal feature library matching analysis: to conduct electromagnetic signal feature library matching analysis, and find the known and unknown signals.
  • Manual or automatic threshold setting: to automatically generate threshold or draw threshold manually by user according to the environmental background.
  • Automatic warning: to warn abnormal signals through sound, indicator, color change of signal line, etc.
  • Automatic report generation: to generate task execution report, and summarize for the user the signal statistics information, threat signal records, detailed signal parameters and other contents during task execution period.
  • Typical application scenes
  • On-site inspection of confidential office equipment and office space electromagnetic signal safety;
  • Monitoring and identification of abnormal signals like transmission eavesdropping and snooping in confidential meeting places and other important places;
  • Monitoring and identification of electromagnetic signal safety on domicile and office of core confidential personnel and their travels;
  • Electromagnetic safety confidentiality testing of imported equipment;
  • Electromagnetic interference detection.


A.Monitoring Index

Frequency Range 20MHz~6GHz
Frequency Bandwidth Max. 40MHz,
Sweep Velocity ≥20GHz/s(25kHz Resolution Bandwidth)
Detection Sensitivity ≤14μV/m(V/UHF)
Precision of Electric Field Intensity ≤3dB(R.M.S.)
Modulation Pattern Recognition CW,AM,FM,2ASK,BPSK,QPSK, 8PSK,16QAM,2FSK,4FSK,MSK,Ect.

Direction-finding Index

Frequency Range 30MHz~3GHz(Vertical Polarization)
Direction-finding model Single channel correlation interference
Frequency Bandwidth 3kHz~40MHz(Bandwidth Adjustable)
Detection Sensitivity ≤14μV/m
Direction-finding Precision ≤2°
(R.M.S.,Reflectionless Environment)
Min. Signal Dwell Time ≤2ms