RD-GD022 EO/IR System


RD-GD022 EO/IR System adopts self-developed multi-objective feature recognition, target intelligent tracking and complex background target detection technology to achieve the functions of identifying, confirming, tracking and locking of the target, and supporting intrusion detection and evidence collection in combined work. The device supports automatic or manual mode of operation.

Technical Specifications

RD-GD02205 RD-GD0220508
EO tracking Distance 2km(Target Size:0.35*0.35m) 4km(Target Size:0.35*0.35m)
IR tracking Distance 1km(Target Size:0.35*0.35m) 2.5km(Target Size:0.35*0.35m)
Azimuth(H) 0~360°
Pitch Angle(V) -40~60°