RD-RD022 Passive Detection


RD-RD022 adopts 8-array antenna with excellent amplitude and phase consistency, extremely low antenna mutual coupling, accurate direction finding and anti-interference. Its detection frequency range is from 0.4GHz to 6GHz. It’s with 20GHz/s (RBW>10KHz) of scan speed, dynamic range +10dBm - -120dBm, combined with optimized direction finding algorithm, quickly find the drone and lock the positioning, automatically detect the drone communication frequency change, stable Tracking target.

Technical Specifications

RD-RD01203 RD-RD01205 RD-RD01210
Detection Radius 3km(RCS:0.01㎡) 5km(RCS:0.01㎡) 10km(RCS:0.01㎡)
Peak Power ≤8w
Frequency Ku
Positioning Accuracy 3m
Speed Detection Accuracy 0.1m/s
Azimuth Accuracy
Pitch Angle Accuracy