RD-RD012 Radar


The RD-RD012 radar is developed for "low-slow" target with extremely low power consumption. It is used for long-distance detection of sensitive airspace drones, providing accurate 3D position information and 360° coverage in the area.

The device is a special coded continuous wave system and mechanical scanning three-coordinate radar. It has the characteristics of low transmission power, high detection resolution, long distance, strong anti-interference and good portability. It is suitable for all weather, complex electromagnetic environment and geographical conditions and can be stably operated 7*24 hours.

Technical Specifications

RD-RD01203 RD-RD01205 RD-RD01210
Detection Radius 3km(RCS:0.01㎡) 5km(RCS:0.01㎡) 10km(RCS:0.01㎡)
Peak Power ≤8w
Frequency Ku
Positioning Accuracy 3m
Speed Detection Accuracy 0.1m/s
Azimuth Accuracy
Pitch Angle Accuracy